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Zilveren Kruis

The commitment of Zilveren Kruis aims at achieving good business results, good products and optimal customer service. She does this by investing in employees’ vitality and health so that they can also provide sustainable production and high quality.
At the Zilveren Kruis, the auditors find an exceptionally good combination of targeting and optimizing a healthy work environment. To stimulate healthy work and individual health. Realizing business goals and individual perspectives.
The policy is shaped by well-defined policy outlines and clear and qualitative and quantitative goals for the short and long term. High-quality internal and external professionals support the policy, especially by stimulating and teaching teams and appealing and training executives.
The Zilveren Kruis makes her approach visible by activating the surroundings of the buildings from which she works, the layout of the workplaces, and also by the individual and collective exemplary behavior of the members of the Board of Directors and the management.

Although this is a preliminary assessment the iHMQ Board awarded Zilverenkruis with a Silver Certificate