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Zilveren Kruis

Zilveren Kruis is an outstanding example of a company that has put the health and wellbeing of its staff at the centre of its corporate agenda. The range of health initiatives in place, the ways in which managers have been trained and developed to recognise and address health issues, the provision of medical advice and support (physical and mental) to staff are but a few examples of the exceptional practice seen in the Company.

One of the ‘stand out’ aspects of the approach to wellbeing at Zilveren Kruis was the exceptional level of staff engagement. Not only did staff know about the Company’s approach but this knowledge had led to engagement and participation.

John Griffiths, International auditor iHMQ

One of the suggestions made to Zilveren Kruis was to give equal attention to health management issues for flexible workforce of the organisation. 
To underline the results of this policy change, KPMG evaluated this in a True Value Case of return on investments in a flexible workforce. The name of the Dutch report: ‘Voor iedereen een kroket: de True Value van de flexibele arbeidsmarkt’

Download: Voor iedereen een kroket. Value case KPMG



Alexander Stolze bij BNR Spitsuur (Business News Radio) – 17 april 2018

BNR (circa 10 min)