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Our Approach


IHMQ offers organisations a way to gain recognition for their actions in promoting and safeguarding the health and wellbeing of their employees. Any type of organisation can apply for certification, so whether your organisation is a large global corporation or an SME IHMQ can work with you to help you achieve the recognition and results that you deserve.

Steps towards recognition:

  1. Conduct a preliminary audit to ascertain whether your organisation is ready for IHMQ certification.
  2. Discuss the findings of the audit with  a consultant from the iHMQ partner organisation to develop your organisation’s approach to achieving the standard required.
  3. Develop your evidence portfolio.  This will set out the procedures your organisation has in place to promote employee health and well-being.
  4. Apply for an IHMQ external assessment through your national iHMQ partner. At this stage, the National iHMQ partner will re-assess your readiness for assessment.
  5. A visit will be arranged for an international auditor to assess your application.  The duration of the visit will be determined by the size of your organisation and will require  interviewing your Health Management Team .
  6. IHMQ accreditation awarded.
How to

The importance of being certified for health management is growing. More and more organisations are seeking information about certification and recognition for their excellent health management. IHMQ can offer your company assistance to get this recognition.

First of all you can test yourself whether your organisation is ready for an audit by a partner of the IHMQ. This test can be done by filling out the questionnaire on Workplace Health Promotion, which can be downloaded from this site.

If your score is satisfying, you can contact us for an appointment for an external audit. Look for a IHMQ partner in your country on the partnerpage, and contact this organisation.

An appointment will be made with your company and a IHMQ partner will come and visit your company and audit your health management. If your company reach the standards of the Foundation, you will become a ‘Certified Workplace’ and receive our certification. You will get a spot in our list of recognized organizations, known for your Health Management and being an example of Good Practice.

The Time it takes

This will depend on the current level of your organisation’s health management program and will be dictated by the timescales of the organisation wishing to achieve IHMQ accreditation. The national iHMQ partner will support you in the development of an IHMQ action plan and guide you through the audit process. However, a nominal timescale will be agreed by the organisation and IHMQ at registration. An administration charge will apply to those organisations wishing to obtain accreditation.