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Active Living


Active Living is a small company providing a range of specialised high quality services to its clients. These services include occupational health, health and fitness and lifestyle screening and advice.


As a small business it would be easy for Active Living to be so oriented towards meeting client needs that it neither recognises nor meets the health and well being needs of its own staff.
This is clearly not the case!
The assessors were very impressed to find that the high quality services and advice offered to clients was also readily available to Active Living’s own staff.
The company has an extremely well developed and proactive approach in terms of promoting the health and well being of its staff. This includes an annual health check, access to a wide range of information and advice and, most importantly, a corporate culture which places the health and well being of employees at the centre of its core values.
The assessors had no hesitation and were unanimous in their view that Active Living has fulfilled the requirements needed to achieve the iHMQ certificate.

During the conference on Occupational Health, October 7th 2004 in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, the the National Institute for Health Promotion and Prevention of Diseases in the Netherlands gave credits to two organisations for their outstanding performance on health management. One of them is Active Living.