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QS Gezondheidsmanagement


QS is a small company with a core team based in Utrecht (shortly moving to Amersfoort and a pan-Netherlands network of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. QS provides services to employers across the Netherlands by providing advice and support to employees experiencing mental health problems.


The auditors identified a number of strengths in the QS approach to wellbeing at work (so far as its own staff are concerned) and that this is replicated in the services provided to customers and clients.

These strengths included:

  • That the protection and promotion of the health and wellbeing of the QS based staff and the professionals working across Holland is seen by company as a matter of the highest priority.
  • That the staff at QS are fully engaged in decisions relating to their work and working environment.
  • The staff at QS have a very balanced approach to life and work – this stems from the example set by Titia Sluiter the owner and leader of the business. The working environment is excellent.
  • Working relationships at QS are based on the twin principles of valuing each other and mutual trust and respect.
  • The nature of the work means that from time to time the QS team will be handling challenging and difficult phone calls. The company provides the opportunity for members of staff to step back and gain some recovery time following a challenging client conversation.
  • Peer support is excellent.
  • Overall the approach to employee wellbeing adopted by QS is sustained, engaging and part of the fabric and culture of the company.